Friday, September 17, 2010

Mashup Post

Mashup may refer to a digital media file, a genre of music, a video, or a web app hybrid, but for the most part, a mashup is recognized as a sort of montage created from different sources. This is my mashup blog post.

The Hotel Boulderado, along with the rest of Boulder, has been consumed and concerned by the recent fire that hit Boulder and Gold Hill. The good news is the fire has been put out; the bad news is that hundreds were evacuated and some even lost their homes. Two people affected by the fire were Maggie and David, the folks who run 'Til Death Do Us Party, which is the troupe that comes in for all our Boulderado Murder Mysteries. As luck would have it, they had already pulled all the costumes and props for the show they are performing here in September and were still ready, willing, and on time to perform at last Friday night's show.

I offered Maggie the use of my "cubby" to store the costumes and props so they had one less thing to worry about. Some of you already know that I work in an office that was converted from hotel rooms in the 1980s, and my desk is literally in a closet which has affectionately been named "cubby." Since the original moldings are still in place, it was easy enough to hang the costumes. The end result looks like this.
Right away, Yuko noticed the weird haze that appeared in the shot. I tried to fix it with Photoshop but with no success. We're quick around here to "blame" things on our ghostly occupants, but what do you think? Is it just an odd overexposure, or did someone want to be included in the photo?

Speaking of spooks, exclusively in the month of October, I'm offering a special version of our history tour that focuses on less history and more mystery. Spook Tours are available every Saturday in October at 12pm and 2pm. Learn more about them and how to sign up.