Saturday, August 7, 2010

Videos from the Oral History Luncheon

Back in September of 2008, the Hotel Boulderado hosted a luncheon in our Spruce Room. We invited a variety of people from the community to come in, sit down, and share a memory of the Hotel Boulderado. Here's a rundown of who we talked to and what they had to say:
  • Dee Demmon remembers dancing in the lobby and getting her spiked heels caught in the tile floor
  • Sandy Hume recollects his impressions of the original stained-glass ceiling -- "It contained every color in heaven."
  • Don Hume tells stories of his visits to the Boulderado as a young child
  • Betty Chronic shares what led to her first visit to the Boulderado dining room
  • Virginia Patterson's connections to Boulderado weddings and the old barber shop
  • June Howard remembers what it was like running the hotel in the 1960s, with her husband, Ed
  • Gwen Winterberger and her husband, Louis, ran the hotel in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and Gwen took some time to call us and share some memories
  • Dick Dorman recalled his involvement with restoring the stained-glass ceiling
  • Frank and Gina Day, our current owners, remember how their relationship with the Boulderado began
  • Sidney Anderson, our current general manager, and his impact on the hotel
  • Laurel McKown tells us how she was hired to restore, photograph, and catalog the Boulderado's extensive collection of antique furniture
  • Sandy Hale shares the multitude of parties she threw at the hotel
  • Mary Ann Mahoney recalls the opening of the North Wing and the new meetings market it served
  • Silvia Pettem shares her experiences as the Hotel Boulderado historian
  • Dan Corson remembers when the hotel was named a historic landmark
  • Dorothy Sage recollects a memorable holiday tea at the Hotel Boulderado
Check out our collection of videos on our website!