Friday, March 29, 2013

Top 5 Floral Trends of 2013

Flowers are one of the easiest ways to customize and personalize any event, whether it be a wedding, party, or business-related social gathering. While there are always an endless supply of options, there are some trends that we see being big in 2013. Here's a recap of what we think the top five floral trends of 2013 will be.

Succulents are not new to the trendy floral scene, but they also aren't going anywhere. They are versatile enough to be used as an accent on tables, as seen in the photo on the left (succulent provided by Brighter Day Flowers, photo by Jenna Rice Photography), or used in place of a traditional bridal bouquet, as seen in the photo on the right.

Deep Purples and Other Jewel Tones
Striking jewel tones, especially in purple, will be big this year. Again, this is a versatile enough trend to be incorporated into a bridal bouquet or a table arrangement for a business dinner or a purple-loving young lady's bat mitzvah.


Ombre styling has been popular in fashion, hair, and nails over the past couple of years, and it is working its way into the floral industry. This is another versatile trend that could be used in a wedding as well as other gatherings. The photo on the top would be stunning at any party, while the arrangement on the bottom would look equally at home in a simple vase at any social event.

Hanging Flowers
We've seen a big push towards hanging decor items recently. Everything from lights and lanterns to umbrellas and chandeliers have been seen at events, and now the trend has moved into the floral realm. Hanging flowers like the ones you see in this photo can make a stunning backdrop and addition to any event needing a little extra "oomph."

Wearable Flowers

Flowers aren't just for wrists and lapels anymore. They've been spotted on hats, skirts, and even as crowns, as you can see in this photo. While this would be adorable for a casual, bohemian bride, a floral crown would also work for a recent graduate.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Famous Guests ~ Messrs. Darrow, Frost, Ellington, and Armstrong

The Hotel Boulderado has been honored to have some famous people stay with us over the years. We recently started a new regular post on our Facebook page that features one of these famous guests each Friday. In case you miss one of these Facebook posts, we will be doing a wrap up on our blog each month to share with you some of our most famous guests of the past.

Clarence Darrow was one of the most famous defense lawyers of his time and stayed at the Boulderado during the 1920s. He participated in two of the most highly publicized trials of the era: the Scopes trial focused on teaching evolution in schools, and the trial of thrill-seeking killers Leopold and Loeb.

The poet Robert Frost was a frequent guest of ours during the 1930s. His daughter was a tuberculosis patient at the Boulder Sanitarium at the time, and whenever he came to town to visit her he would stay at the Hotel Boulderado. Some of Frost's most famous poems include "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening", "Mending Wall" and "The Road Not Taken".

Musician Duke Ellington showed up on our doorstep during the 1960s with an entourage of forty people -- and no reservation! We were happy to accommodate him and his entire party. During his career, Ellington elevated jazz music (which he referred to simply as "American music") to a whole new artform thanks to his use of the big band and all its instruments.
Another jazz musician, Louis Armstrong, also stayed at the Boulderado in 1961 when he was in town to perform at the nearby University of Colorado. Armstrong became recognizable as the most famous trumpet player of the 20th century and was also well-known for his scat singing abilities.

 One interesting follow up to our last two guests. During the 1960s, not every hotel in Boulder would accept an African-American guest. The Hotel Boulderado was, in fact, one of the few establishments at the time in the city that Black guests were permitted to stay at.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Five Creative Ways to Save Your Travel Memories

When you go traveling, it's always fun to save memorabilia and photos from your journey to remind yourself of the memories. But then your home becomes cluttered, the memorabilia gets dusty, or the photos never make it off your digital camera or computer. Here are five creative ways to attractively compile, preserve, and display your travel memories.

Memory Jars
If you like to collect things from your travels (souvenirs, ticket stubs, trinkets, etc.) and love having them out on display, memory jars are a great way to keep them organized and tidy. Martha Stewart has some great tips on how to create your own memory jars.
 Shadow Boxes
Shadow boxes are like memory jars, but you can hang them on a wall instead of lined up on a shelf. Read this terrific blog post from The Travel Tester on how she created travel souvenir shadow boxes.

Gallery Wall
The gallery wall is another way to display your travel memories on the walls of your home, but they focus more on photos, images, and two-dimensional souvenirs (e.g. ticket stubs, maps, coins) while the shadow box is better for a collection three-dimensional items.

Postcard Journal
This is a great idea to use while you're still on vacation! Each day, write yourself a postcard detailing the day's activities and send it home. Then when you return from your travels, bind it all together into a little book. The bonus of postcards is you'll see the date and postmark, making it more fun than a traditional journal. If you need advice on binding your postcard journal, check out this great blog for tips and ideas.

Map with Pins (This one is great for kids!)
If you have kids and want to help them preserve their travel memories, think about putting up a big map and adding pins to the places they've been to. Road trips could even be traced with yarn tied to the pins. Here are four more ideas on helping kids preserve their travel memories.

What is your favorite way to preserve your travel memories?