Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mr. Anderson's Office

Last week, when our office went to sing "Happy Birthday" to Mr. Anderson and bring him his German chocolate cake, I was reminded again how interesting his office it. The walls are covered in archival photos and newspaper clippings from the hotel's earliest history, including the Daily Camera article from January 1, 1909 regailing readers with details about the previous night's Open House.

Mr. Anderson's Office

But without a doubt, my favorite piece in Mr. Anderson's office is the window. When the Hotel Boulderado originally opened in 1909, the dining room was fitted with hand-crafted stained-glass windows. The only surviving window today is located in Mr. Anderson's office.

Close-Up of Stained-Glass Window

My other favorite item in his office is actually outside his office. Mr. Anderson used to work in an office on the second floor that used to be room 212. (Guestrooms on the mezzanine level were removed in the 1970s to create offices and the Mezzanine Lounge. Stay tuned to the blog for a future post detailing this process!) Original brass room number plaques were replaced with ceramic versions, including 212. When Mr. Anderson moved down to his office on the first floor, he brought the ceramic room number with him.

"Room 212"

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Antique Workboots

The next time you are at the Hotel Boulderado, whether it's for a drink at the Corner Bar, live jazz music in the lobby, or for a wedding on the Mezzanine, be sure to stop by the entrance on the south side of the hotel. There, you will find a display case showing off some artifacts from the Boulderado's past, like an antique train schedule and railroad spikes from the old line. One of my favorite things in the case is a pair of workboots that were found when the Boulderado rennovated the ladies restroom on the Mezzanine. We presume they date back to when the Boulderado was originally built (1906-1908). One can only imagine that some laborer decided to kick off his well-used workboots with the hope that it would be rediscovered one day and become a part of our history.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mr. Anderson!

Respectfully wishing a very happy birthday to the Hotel Boulderado's General Manager, Sid Anderson, today. Mr. Anderson has been involved with the Boulderado for over 30 years, most of that time as the General Manager and has become famous among employees for his dress code, complete with suspenders and a bow tie. His sharp memory and attention to detail have kept much of the Boulderado history accurate among the younger members of the staff. Happy Birthday, Mr. Anderson! I'm sure our office will be serenading you to this effect later today!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Holidays in July

Right now, there's over one hundred Boulderado clients milling about the Mezzanine at our Holiday Party Tasting. There's Champagne Cosmopolitan Cocktails at the bar, some yummy platters and a beef tenderloin carving. Plus, we're trying out for the very first time two of our Holiday Action Stations -- tapas and Caesar salad -- where guests are building their own, customized plate. George the DJ was kind enough to offer up his talented services, and Murray is here with his photo booth. (Some of us snuck into there before the party started -- if you're lucky, I will post the funny photos later that resulted!) It's all come together to show people what can be done at a Holiday Party at the Hotel Boulderado, and people are really enjoying themselves. Click here to take a peek at the Holiday menus we have available this season, and happy holidays!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


In recognition of the Hotel Boulderado's 100 Year Anniversary in 2009, I've decided to profile several of our signature guest rooms and suites over the coming months. Last time we took a peek inside 444, a North Wing Classic King with amazing views. Today I'm taking you back to the historic section to peek inside our other Presidential Suite, 306. (You may remember our visit inside 505 back in April.)

Room 306 is easily one of the most posh and luxurious at the Hotel Boulderado. It was originally two rooms -- 306 and 307 -- but was modified to create an extra-large suite for brides, VIPS, and celebrities alike. The living area is well-suited for entertaining, with plenty of seating, a large table for meals or small meetings, and a beautiful antique bar.

Photos by Allison M. Fleetwood, Jr.

The bedroom is tucked away through a small hallway, making it quieter and more removed from the traffic sounds outside the hotel. Like most of our suites, there is an extra television in the bedroom to make viewing more convenient. More antique style can be found here, like the mirror, the headboard, and the artwork. Like all our rooms, the bed is the ultimate in comfort and the bedding is premium and fresh. Waking up in 306 at the Hotel Boulderado is best way to start the day in Boulder.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

William Beattie

A little bit of Boulderado history for you today concerning an early owner and manager, William Beattie (seen left ~ photo from the Beattie family collection).

Beattie took over from the Wallaces, who were the original leasees of the Boulderado, in 1912. The Boulder Daily Camera applauded the move, noting "Mr. Beattie comes very highly recommended as a gentleman of high character and as an up-to-date hotel man of over twenty years experience who will undoubtedly maintain the high standard which Wallace & Company have set up for the Boulderado." Beattie moved into the Hotel Boulderado with his wife (Bessie), son (Irwin), and family dog (Buster). While living in the hotel, the Beattie's bought their first car, a Hudson Six. Gasoline cost 28 cents per gallon, a car wash was $1, and monthly storage fees were $5. Beattie and Irwin took the car up to Flagstaff Mountain on one of their first trips, and Beattie later wrote to a friend "I did not have any serious accidents, but I nearly scared myself to death a time or two."

The Boulderado's nightly room rates at the time varied between $1 and $3, with special rates available by the week or month. One of the biggest expenses for the Boulderado then was coal -- up to 3.5 tons per day were used to heat and light the hotel and heat water for the guests. William Beattie was well-known for his professionalism, particularly with his dress code. He conducted his daily business in a three-piece suit complemented by a hat, gloves, cane, diamond stick pin, and spats on his shoes.


In 1917, Beattie transferred ownership and managerial duties to his assistant, Hugh Mark. Stay tuned to the Boulderado blog to learn more about Hugh in a future post!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Announcing the 1st Annual Michael Jackson Dance Party

Most of the magazines and newspapers available at the Hotel Boulderado Gift Shop today have covers with Michael Jackson on them. His memorial service coincided with the same day the Boulderado announced plans for the 1st Annual Michael Jackson Dance Party. This event simultaneously gives people the chance to get their groove on to Jackson's hits while benefitting the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Colorado. The dance party will be held on Saturday August 29th, Jackson's birth date, from 7:00pm to 11:00pm. Tickets are just $19 each, so “Beat It” down to the Boulderado’s Ballroom for dancing, plentiful hors d’oeuvres, a cash bar, and “One More Chance” to celebrate the life, music, and contributions made by Jackson. Featuring Chris Cockroft as DJ and break-dance performances, this dance party will surely be the “Thriller” of the season. Costumes are optional – but encouraged! A raffle will be held with prizes from the Hotel Boulderado to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Even if you can’t get “Billie Jean” for a date, “Don’t Stop til You Get Enough” dancing done in one night to last a lifetime. Whether you’re “Black or White,” a “Man in the Mirror,” or “Dirty Diana,” you will dance your white socks right out of your black shoes for a great cause! Call us at (303) 440-2880 for reservations.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

June Winner ~ Tell Us Your Boulderado Story

One of the components of the Boulderado's 100 year anniversary is the Tell Us Your Boulderado Story campagn, which is a collection of memories and narratives from the last century about the Hotel Boulderado. Our goal is to collect 100 stories which will be compiled into a coffee table book. The Boulderado selects a monthly favorite, and June's winner are Chuck Gower and Cheryl DiPanfilo. Enjoy their story, "The 17,000 Question."

"Our story begins in August of 1980. I came out here from Newburyport, Massachusettes to visit my sister who was living in Gunbarrel and climb Long's Peak with her friends. No on truly believed a flatlander could make this climb. My now husband, Chuck, was a neighbor of one of the people going on the hike. We were all over there on her deck planning the last details. He was out in his yard skipping rope and had an enormous garden. He offered us some vegetables and we accepted and so the tale begins.

We invited him to come over to my sister's house for a swim and as the day progressed we invited him to accompany us on our climb. He had been up Long's several times before and could perhaps be of help. He and I linked up as hiking partners, the most experienced with the flatlander. We made it to the top and in the eighteen hours that we spent together we fell in love. Over the next few weeks we courted at a feverish pitch. One morning while we were still in bed he called his stockbroker. His broker advised him to sell his gold penny stock, a very hot commodity at the time and to come and get his $17,000 profit. At this stage of the courtship he was always trying to impress me. So we went to Denver and instead of picking up a check, the sensible thing to do, he insisted the bank give us cash. He had me put it in my purse for safe keeping and we proceeded to celebrate all over town. We came back to Boulder with the cash still tucked away in my purse and went to the Boulderado for an evening of blues and dancing on the Mezzanine. The bar was getting ready to close when he surprised my with a room key, room 419. We spent the night and in the morning as he prepared to leave for work, I noticed that I didn't have my purse or the $17,000.

We instantly became frantic and Chuck began to think that instead of me being a dream come true, I was the nightmare from hell. We scoured every corner of the room. No luck. We went to the front desk and inquired if anyone had turned in a purse. No luck. They said there was a remote chance that they locked it in the bar upstairs for sake-keeping but we would not be able to check until late that morning. Chuck left for work, sheet pale. This was a lot of money at the time. I waited anxiously in what is now Q's over coffee with my girlfriend. Chuck returned and we went to the bar. We asked, they searched, and we waited. Alas, the purse was found and returned to us. In our minds we were sure the money would be gone. We opened the purse and shrieked with joy. All the money, all $17,000 was still in the purse untouched. We went back to Denver that day to spend some of the lucky money on jewelry. We were engaged the next month and we have been married 28 years as of June 13th. We still have the jewelry we bought and the rest of the $17,000. To this day we often come and stay in room 419 for special occasions. Top that Boulderado story!"

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy 4th!

It's nearly the Fourth of July, and the Hotel Boulderado is being decorated inside and out with red, white, and blue bunting, thanks to our trusty Maintenance Department. There's lots going on this Fourth, with several events tying into Boulder's 150th anniversary. Here's a rundown of what you can do downtown and in Boulder this Independence Day.

  • Visit the Chautauqua Auditorium for the official welcome ceremony to the Sesquicentennial Stroll at 11am, featuring the presentation of a National Historic Landmark Plaque. Special performances will highlight Boulder's artistic past and present. The Chautauqua Dining Hall will offer a barbecue on the green after the program in the auditorium concludes, and a brass band provided by the Colorado Music Festival will be there to keep the atmosphere lively.
  • "Stroll with the Spirits" of Columbia Cemetery between 1:30pm and 4:30pm. Presented by Historic Boulder, you just might run into a figure from Boulder's past!
  • There's a birthday party starting at 1:30pm for Boulder at the Boulder History Museum, complete with cake and children's activities. While you're there, check out the brand-new "Only in Boulder" exhibit.
  • Learn about the relationship between Boulder and the University of Colorado at the CU Heritage Center, which will be hosting an open house from 1:30pm to 4:30pm as it presents "Boulder and CU Through the Years."
  • Stop by the Central Park Band Shell for a bluegrass concert, with performances by the Boulder Accoustic Society and the Blue Canyon Boys. The concert kicks off at 2pm, and at 2:30 a Children's Bike Parade will take place, so get there early if you want to decorate your bike, stroller, or anything else with wheels.
  • Celebrate Boulder's international ties with Boulder's Sister City communities at the Municipal Building Plaza. Learn about the projects, exchanges, and people behind our relationships with communities in Africa, Asia, and Central America from 2pm to 5:30pm.
  • Ralphie's Independence Day Blast, a Boulder tradition for 41 years, concludes the day's festivities with bands, a birthday party, and fireworks from 8pm to 10pm at Folsom Field.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Murdery Mystery and Holiday Tea Reservation Now Available

It's July 1st, which means that you can now make reservations for a couple of upcoming events at the Hotel Boulderado.

Our Murder Mystery Dinner series this October features fantastic performances by 'Til Death Do Us Party, an intriguing birthday murder mystery, and a menu carefully prepared by our Banquet Chef, Pete. Come to a show on October 9th, 23rd, or 30th, or make a whole night of it by pairing your tickets with an overnight accommodation. Tickets are $64 per person, and includes the performance, a buffet dinner, a drink (beer, wine, cocktail, or non-alcoholic) of your choice, tax, gratuity, and valet parking -- such a deal!

If you're looking for something special to do this holiday season, consider making reservations for one of our Holiday Teas. Enjoy classic tea service on our Mezzanine with a view of our super-tall Christmas tree in the lobby. There are three specialty teas being offered this year: the Teddy Bear Tea (November 28th), which benefits the Children's Hospital; two Nutcracker Teas (December 12th and 19th), in conjunction with and benefitting the Boulder Ballet; and three Holiday Bazaar Teas (December 6th, 13th, and 20th) where you can peruse and purchase wares from local artisans. Hurry up and make your reservations for these popular teas -- people started calling us this morning to reserve their seat!

Reservations for all our events can be made through our Sales Office by calling us at (303) 440-2880.