Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Miss Honey Bee

If you've ever taken the stairs all the way up to the fifth floor of the historic section of the Hotel Boulderado, you've probably noticed the life-sized portrait showcased on the west wall. Beautrice "Honey Bee" Lennartz (1904-1998) had her portrait painted by Nellie Scheinert in 1930. "Miss Honey Bee" taught many young Boulder children music lessons, and she spent the bulk of her life in a home at 655 Arapahoe Avenue.

Miss Honey Bee frequented the dining room of the Boulderado, eating lunch often here especially in her later years. When she began making preparations to move into a retirement facility, she was unsure what to do with her portrait. It was too large for the Boulder Historic Society to display, and the Boulder History Museum declined the offer, so Honey Bee finally decided to bequeath it to the Hotel Boulderado. She was able to come and view it after it had been framed so she could see it hanging in place. Miss Honey Bee later died in 1998.

Rumors of Boulderado ghosts have circled for years, and in 2007, the Boulder County Paranormal Society conducted an investigation. The only anomaly they came back with was an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) caught near the Honey Bee painting. Click here to view their report in its entirety, and to listen to the EVP for yourself.