Thursday, July 23, 2009

Antique Workboots

The next time you are at the Hotel Boulderado, whether it's for a drink at the Corner Bar, live jazz music in the lobby, or for a wedding on the Mezzanine, be sure to stop by the entrance on the south side of the hotel. There, you will find a display case showing off some artifacts from the Boulderado's past, like an antique train schedule and railroad spikes from the old line. One of my favorite things in the case is a pair of workboots that were found when the Boulderado rennovated the ladies restroom on the Mezzanine. We presume they date back to when the Boulderado was originally built (1906-1908). One can only imagine that some laborer decided to kick off his well-used workboots with the hope that it would be rediscovered one day and become a part of our history.