Wednesday, March 31, 2010

William Brantmeyer

It's true that when it comes to the Hotel Boulderado, some of our managers did more than others across the span of our hundred-year history. Hugh Mark put together the first promotional materials for the hotel. Ed Howard saved the building from condemnation by installing the fire sprinkler system. William Brantmeyer was at the helm for a relatively short time, but in that time he made one of the most lasting and inspirational changes for the hotel.

When Brantmeyer took over with his business partner, Dick Dorman, in September 1977, the first thing he set his gaze on was the lobby's canopy ceiling. Since 1961, red, white, and blue Plexiglas had dominated the space, and Brantmeyer's feelings about it were clear from the start: "I've hated that plastic since I first laid eyes on it." Brantmeyer and Dorman hired Marie Garcia to design, create, and install a new stained-glass ceiling, which she did while working out of a hotel room on the Mezzanine level. The end result is the amber and golden glittery spectacle we know and cherish today. Brantmeyer and Dorman sold their shares in the Boulderado just one year later to a group of partners known as Boulderado Landmark Ltd.