Monday, May 10, 2010

April Winner ~ Tell Us Your Boulderado Story

One of the components of the Boulderado's 100 year anniversary is the Tell Us Your Boulderado Story campagn, which is a collection of memories and narratives from the last century about the Hotel Boulderado. Our goal is to collect 100 stories which will be compiled into a coffee table book. The Boulderado selects a monthly favorite, and May's winner is Karen Berger. Enjoy her story, "We'll Always Have the Boulderado."

"As a single woman in her mid-twenties, my friends and I regularly enjoyed live music and drinks on the Mezzanine at the Boulderado on Fridays after work. On this particular Friday in early May after enjoying several days of gorgeous, warm weather along the Front Range, the fickle Miss Nature Colorado dumped about twelve inches of wet, heavy snow.

My good friend and object of my secret affection, Bill called me toward the end of my work day to ask me for a ride as he had bicycled to work in Boulder from Longmont that day wearing shorts and a tee-short and was now stranded in the snowy cold. Of course I got there as soon as I could to make the rescue. We decided to continue our F.A.C. tradition at the Mezzanine, rather than doing the sensible thing of returning home for warmer clothes. The rest of the gang didn't venture out that afternoon, so I was able to enjoy Irish coffee, great music, and the warmth of that lovely man's company all to myself!

Bill moved out of state to finish his master's degree as planned, and my attraction was never confessed, but we shared a special connection and I've often wondered, 'what if?' My friends and I began marrying and raising families, and the Boulderado visits faded to memories until . . .

After years of very infrequent correspondence, Bill visited Colorado at the tail end of 2009 and we spent an amazing evening dining and dancing at the Boulderado's superb New Year's Eve celebration. Who knows how this reunion will develop from here, but in any case . . . We'll always have the Boulderado!"