Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Five Creative Ways to Save Your Travel Memories

When you go traveling, it's always fun to save memorabilia and photos from your journey to remind yourself of the memories. But then your home becomes cluttered, the memorabilia gets dusty, or the photos never make it off your digital camera or computer. Here are five creative ways to attractively compile, preserve, and display your travel memories.

Memory Jars
If you like to collect things from your travels (souvenirs, ticket stubs, trinkets, etc.) and love having them out on display, memory jars are a great way to keep them organized and tidy. Martha Stewart has some great tips on how to create your own memory jars.
 Shadow Boxes
Shadow boxes are like memory jars, but you can hang them on a wall instead of lined up on a shelf. Read this terrific blog post from The Travel Tester on how she created travel souvenir shadow boxes.

Gallery Wall
The gallery wall is another way to display your travel memories on the walls of your home, but they focus more on photos, images, and two-dimensional souvenirs (e.g. ticket stubs, maps, coins) while the shadow box is better for a collection three-dimensional items.

Postcard Journal
This is a great idea to use while you're still on vacation! Each day, write yourself a postcard detailing the day's activities and send it home. Then when you return from your travels, bind it all together into a little book. The bonus of postcards is you'll see the date and postmark, making it more fun than a traditional journal. If you need advice on binding your postcard journal, check out this great blog for tips and ideas.

Map with Pins (This one is great for kids!)
If you have kids and want to help them preserve their travel memories, think about putting up a big map and adding pins to the places they've been to. Road trips could even be traced with yarn tied to the pins. Here are four more ideas on helping kids preserve their travel memories.

What is your favorite way to preserve your travel memories?