Monday, August 24, 2009

Burger and Beer Package

With the economy in the shape it is, travelers are increasingly looking to get as much value out of their dollar as possible. One popular way to stretch your budget even further is to purchase a hotel room package, where in addition to your room or suite, additional amenities and perks are bundled in for a marginally higher price. Take the Burger & Beer Package at the Hotel Boulderado. When you book this package, you receive the room, valet parking, and a complimentary burger and glass of beer in the Corner Bar, just off the Boulderado's lobby. It's almost like booking the room and getting the burger, beer, and parking for free! Who wouldn't love that? Since the Corner Bar has one of the best patios in downtown Boulder, try and enjoy your meal out there so you can take in the sun, mountains, and passersby-watching!