Friday, August 21, 2009

Otis Elevator

Some people love it, some people hate it. I hear "It's so charming and authentic!" or "It's scary. Why can't I control it myself?" and I know people are talking about the Hotel Boulderado's historic Otis elevator. It's the only still-operating model of its kind this side of the Mississippi, and it is true that you need one of our staff members to operate it. It was installed in 1908 and the elevator you take today on the historic side of the hotel is the very same one from 101 years ago. It has become quite popular with wedding photographers, like Mark Cafiero (picture below), who are looking to infuse the Boulderado's antique charm into their couple's wedding shots.

Taking a ride on the historic Otis elevator can make your tummy do flips on its way up or down, and sometimes you have to take a big step to reach the floor if the attendant misses it. But it also embodies the historic nature of the Hotel Boulderado, and that's why I love it.