Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Old and the New

Something about the Hotel Boulderado that continues to fascinate me is how well the old-style charm is maintained while keeping current with the changing times. Stepping into the building, you can almost feel yourself slipping back to 1909, especially with things like our Otis elevator and display cases showcasing antique items. And then you see someone using our complimentary high-speed wireless internet on their laptop in the lobby, or see photos uploaded to Flickr, and you're reminded that this is indeed the 21st century.

One feature in a couple of our North Wing guestrooms keeps true to this marriage of the old and the new. Four of our Traditional Queen rooms (445, 446, 447, and 450) on the top floor feature built-in window seats that overlook Broadway. It's easy to curl up on these big seats, peek out the window, and imagine how Boulder looked one hundred years ago. Here's a picture of Pearl Street from about 1905, four years before the Boulderado opened its doors, to get your imaginations going.