Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Yuko!

Taking a moment today to wish our Sales Office Manager, Yuko Ishige, a very happy (and a bit early) birthday. Yuko is the glue that holds our office together, and whether she is preparing the sterling menus for a wedding reception, fielding dozens of phone calls from people looking to reserve space at a Holiday Tea or Seasonal Buffet, or cheering on the Rockies, she does everything with dedication and passion. Megan will be bringing in a chocolate cake for us to celebrate Yuko's birthday next week, since, as Yuko has said before, "I would bathe in chocolate if I could." (She's especially fond of the Triple Chocolate cupcakes at Tee and Cakes.) Happy Birthday, Yuko! Here's to a year full of fun, love, and chocolate!