Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Boulderado Brides

Wow! Some of us in the office are still in post-Wedding Show world, even though it was days ago. More than two hundred people attended our annual Bridal Show on Sunday to visit with local vendors and experience the Hotel Boulderado's ambiance and catering capabilities. Yuko and I worked down at the Registration Desk in the lobby, which meant that we met everybody as they were registering. Amidst all the craziness of registration, it struck me how there are so many different kinds of brides with very different tastes. This also applies to the vendors -- some are bubbly, some are shy, some are traditional, while others are more modern. I suppose it goes to show you that finding vendors who will help you on your special day is similar to finding a mate; you have lots of options, but only one is really the best fit for you. That's why brides love wedding shows so much -- there's several vendors present, and at least one is bound to be exactly what she's looking for.

Several brides who already have their ceremonies and receptions booked at the Boulderado were in attendance. I spoke with a few of them, and each one had a different reason for choosing us. "It's just so beautiful and elegant." "The staff is always very friendly and helpful." It's also true that the Boulderado is a one-stop shop for many bridal parties. Families from out of town can use our guest rooms, we offer ceremonies and receptions on our Mezzanine (or our Ballroom, for those larger receptions), the couple can stay in a Presidential Suite for their honeymoon, and everyone can get together for breakfast in Q's Restaurant. Boulderado brides are actively reaching out to be a part of the history of our hotel when they book with us. The very first recorded wedding ceremony took place here in 1911, and over the years thousands of people have been married on our staircase's landing. This is the history our Boulderado brides share in every time the "Wedding March" starts up on the Mezzanine.