Thursday, April 16, 2009

Luncheon with Boulderado Memories

Last week, Beverly Silva and I had lunch with three gentlemen callers -- Terence and Denis Keleher, and Tom Harrold (pictured below from right to left). Each of them have a special connection to the Hotel Boulderado.

Denis and Terence's grandparents were Leila and Lee, and they were married at the Boulderado on May 17th, 1911. Terence and Denis submitted the story of this wedding ceremony, the earliest ceremony to be performed at the Boulderado on record, to our Tell Us Your Boulderado Story campaign. (Read the whole story.)

Lee and Leila Keleher (above) the year before they were married.

Terence brought with him the original plate that was used to make the Kelehers wedding invitation, as well as a photocopy of the invitation.

Denis has been coming to the Boulderado for years, and would often stop in at one of the restaurants or at the Mezzanine Lounge, when it operated as a hip jazz lounge in the 1980s. Denis brought with him several matchbooks from the different establishments as they changed ownership over the years.

Tom was recruited by CU's basketball team in 1951. When he came to Boulder from Muncie, Indiana to investigate the campus, he stayed at the Boulderado. Tom was so talented he was named "Mr. Basketball," and as a member of the starting lineup, helped the team to many victories. When Tom's team held their 50th reunion, it took place right here on the Boulderado's Mezzanine, completing the circle of Tom's involvement with basketball and the Boulderado.
Beverly and I both enjoyed all the stories, pictures, and memorabilia that these kind gentlemen brought with them. It's precisely this kind of hotel history that we are striving to preserve in the Memories of the Boulderado collection.