Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beneath the Elevator

A lot of people are familiar with our Otis elevator in the historic section. I recently learned a few details about it that I thought I'd share, along with some rare photos of the inner workings of the Otis.

Even though the plaque next to the elevator declares it a 1908 model, it's really from 1906. Back then, if an elevator needed to be installed in a new building, they would install the elevator first and then build around it. Therefore, the Otis was installed in 1906 and then the Hotel Boulderado was built around it.

Our beloved elevator actually broke down several weeks ago when the brake chain needed replacing. Believe it or not, we had to track down a manufacturer in Switzerland who had to custom-make us a replacement part! While they were working on it, I snuck down to the basement to take some photos of the elevator's "guts":

Here's a shot of some of the maintenance equipment we use to keep it running smoothly.

I totally geeked out over this: signature Otis elevator lubricant to keep those parts in shape!