Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 192 of 365 Days of Boulderado Photos ~ Hutson Hotel Pillowcase

What may look to you like an old, stained pillowcase represents much more in terms of history at the Hotel Boulderado.

This particular pillowcase, in addition to the hotel's name, also mentions "A Hutson Hotel." Bill and Winnie Hutson owned and ran the hotel from 1940 to 1959, so the pillowcase must be from that time frame. They were gifted the hotel as a wedding present from Bill's father, who was a hotelier from the Midwest. The Hotel Boulderado was meant to be a starter hotel for Bill's own chain.

As for the ink stain, it's probably the reason this pillowcase survived to the present day. We think that it must have been stained while in use as a hotel pillowcase, and as a result, an employee was permitted to take it home. Decades later, this pillowcase was discovered in someone's attic and returned to the Boulderado.