Tuesday, April 21, 2009


In recognition of the Hotel Boulderado's 100 Year Anniversary in 2009, I've decided to profile several of our signature guest rooms and suites over the coming months. First on my list is Room 505, a top-floor Presidential Suite that offers spectacular views of downtown Boulder and the Flatirons.

When the Boulderado first opened in 1909, room 505 was not in the original inventory. The top corners of the hotel were used as open corner porches, according to Silvia Pettem's Legend of a Landmark, which quotes a 1910 Daily Camera article: "The upper story of the Hotel Boulderado was never finished or furnished. Because of the great patronage of the house, Messrs. Wallace, the leasees, have begun, by cooperation with the hotel company, to divide great garret-like rooms into comfortable living rooms, and furnishing them with windows and all the comforts of the other rooms in the splendid house."

The hotel manager used it as his own apartment, and is mentioned in a story recalling the first
Boulderado wedding ceremony
. When Hugh Mark took over the manager's position in 1917, he and his young son moved into 505, while his wife and daughter lived in an apartment a few floors below. Mark turned much of the operations over to different family members, turning the Boulderado into a family-run business; his brother Leonard was a front desk clerk, brother William became an engineer in charge of the coal furnace, and yet another brother, Frank, took over operating the dining room with the help of his wife, Alza.

Today, 505 is one of our most popular rooms, with everyone from brides, celebrities, and VIPs staying in the Presidential Suite. Its beauty, spaciousness, and views make it a truly unique stay for any guest. A full-sized living room with a stereo and conference table leads into the bedroom.

Photo by A Life Exposed Photography

Photo by A Life Exposed Photography

Photo by A Life Exposed Photography

Over the years, people have left their mark on the window ledges found outside 505. Some are newlywed couples, others are just looking to add to the room's history.

Stay tuned for upcoming profiles of other guest rooms at the Hotel Boulderado!