Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Social Media-ing It

Yuko and I both attended Downtown Boulder's Social Media Round Table last Thursday across the street at the Rembrandt Yard. If you missed it, you missed out hard! In addition to breakfast from The Cup and words of wisdom from local social media gurus like Andrew Hyde and Seth Haber, it was fulfilling just to look around the room and see how many people are excited about social media. I started subscribing to the social media phenomenon as a way to increase our marketing exposure a little more than a year ago. Today, the Hotel Boulderado has more than 700 followers on Twitter, more than 250 on Facebook, and I've written over 100 blog posts. But, perhaps more important than the numbers game is the people game. I've convinced others at the hotel that social media is more than a fad for teenagers -- it's here, it's here to stay, so we better get hip to it. Evolve or die, dude.

Yuko finally broke her longstanding streak of avoiding social media like the plague when she signed up for her own Twitter account. She's now tweeting from her desk -- think you can find her at the Boulderado? If you manage to find her and say hello, she just might have a special treat, deal, or prize for you.