Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Women's History Afternoon Tea

We are once again excitedly preparing for Saturday's Women's History Afternoon Tea. Tickets are still available for this event, which features the Legendary Ladies, who will be performing "Unconventional Women of the West," a series of five-minute monologues from interesting female historical figures. Here's a sneak peek of some of the characters who will be visiting the Boulderado tomorrow:

Mother Jones (1837-1930) was an early activist concerned with the plight of American working people. She helped coordinate major strikes with the hope of earning better working conditions. She also co-founded the Industrial Workers of the World.

Lola Montez (1821-1861) had a colorful life, first as an Irish-born dancer/actress, then renowned for her Spanish-style dancing, and finally as mistress and courtesan to Bavaria's King Ludwig I. The king's affection was so great for Lola that he named her Countess of Landsfeld in 1847.

Olive Oatman (1837-1903) was a woman from Illinois who was abducted by a Native American tribe with her sister. She ultimately regained her freedom, but not before receiving permanent blue markings on her face and chin as part of tribal culture.

Maud Nelson (1881-1944) was an early professional female baseball pitcher, scout, manager, and team owner. Lillian Russell (1861-1922) was an American actress and singer known for her beauty, style, voice, and stage presence. Even after retiring, she stayed busy by writing a newspaper column, lecturing, and advocating women's suffrage.