Friday, April 9, 2010

Useful Stuff

The Hotel Boulderado is BUZZING with activity today! Not sure what it is -- it could be the ending of CU's Conference on World Affairs, the spectacular weather that's on deck for the weekend, or maybe it's just one of "those" days. I've been saving this post for just such a day. Here's some random but useful links to information on a variety of topics.
  • If you're training for the Bolder Boulder, or just a runner in general, you'll love the Running Map. You can map out your own customized routes specific to any zip code in the nation, plus it can show you photos of points of interest along the route, give you information on elevations, and print your map to take with you.
  • Earth Day is fast approaching. Get ready for it by discovering your own carbon footprint with the Earth Day Footprint Quiz. By inputting some basic information, this fun and interactive quiz will tell you the resources needed to sustain your lifestyle, and also teach you tips on how you can reduce this dependency. I discovered that if everyone on the planet used the same amount of resources I do, we would need 5.4 Planet Earths in order to supply this!
  • Last year was the year of the "staycation" -- traveling just within a few hundred miles of your home to take an opportunity to discover the beauty just outside our doors. But as the economy (slowly) bounces back, more and more people will be looking for those exotic, far-off destinations. If you are thinking Europe-bound, here's a blog post you might find useful: "The Most Beautiful Destinations in Europe."
  • Have an event coming up? Tired of not getting the most out of your photos? Check this out for tips on getting that perfect, candid shot from digital compact cameras.
  • If you're planning a vacation but want to give back to the environment while doing so, take a look at this Eco-Volunteer Nature Travel website. What a way to multi-task!