Friday, April 3, 2009

Women's History Afternoon Tea

We are all excitedly preparing for tomorrow's Women's History Afternoon Tea. This sold-out event is the first of its kind and features the Legendary Ladies, who will be performing "Unconventional Women of the West," a series of five-minute monologues from interesting female historical figures. Here's a sneak peek of the characters who will be visiting the Boulderado tomorrow:

Susan Shelby Magoffin was one of the first white women to travel on the Santa Fe Trail and enter New Mexico. She kept a detailed journal that recorded the day-to-day life on the trail.

Little Egypt was a sexy dancer who is credited with the development of what is now known as the belly dance. Her escapades and antics were often front-page news.

Marietta Kingsley (no photo available) was a resident of Boulder's Red Light District. Not much is widely known about her, but her appearance at the Boulderado is sure to be exciting and informative.

Calamity Jane was a frontierswoman and professional scout who was well-known friends with Wild Bill Hickok. She is listed in the program as "a wild, wooly, and unpredictable character."

Anne Ellis spent time in the Colorado mining camps and kept careful a record of her life and family, which was later published as three books: The Life of an Ordinary Woman, Plain Anne Ellis, and Sunshine Preferred.

The Women's History Afternoon Tea partially benefits the Circle of Care project, an elderly enrichment program. Twenty-five senior citizens have been given complimentary seats to this event.