Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Beverly!

We'd like to wish the Hotel Boulderado's Director of Sales, Beverly Silva, a very happy birthday today! Beverly has been working at the Boulderado for 26 years now. She started off as a housekeeper while attending the University of Colorado, and then after a brief hiatus in New York City (working at the swanky Lowell Hotel), she returned to Boulder and the Boulderado. Beverly spent 13 years as a wedding coordinator and calmed many a nervous bride and mother. In 2006, Beverly was promoted to her current position as the Director of Sales & Marketing. Since then, Beverly has worked tirelessly to promote the Boulderado, culminating in the Centennial Celebration that took place this past January. In recognition for her achievements, Beverly was awarded the Outstanding Downtown Dedication Award from the Downtown Boulder, Inc. on January 22nd of 2009. Happy Birthday, Beverly! Your dedication and love for the Boulderado are evident!